17 Bradford Road


Bradford Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, 2007

The overall form of the building is quite simple, in that it is a courtyard design with two office wings and a common core: this allows for ease of multi tenants usage. The courtyard is segmented by a horizontal plane-like covered walkway that leads from the parking area to the main entrance and lobby. This walkway is flanked by a modern coffee shop giving the building's road-frontage a definitive public area to encourage interaction for tenants and visitors. A large koi pond flanks the walk way on the opposite side, balancing the coffee shop's daily activities by introducing a sense of calming therapy into this modern business environment. The form of the building has been fragmented horizontally and vertically to create an interesting play between geometric forms: some recessing and others which rap around and over, from the levels below.


Sleek open plan offices that ooze elegance are what you can expect from this cotemporary office park.